China: Keychains with LIVE Animals continue to be SOLD

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China: Keychains with LIVE Animals continue to be SOLD


In parts of China, keyrings with live animals continue to be sold.

It was during the China Olympics 2008 that the key rings with animals were first noticed. After massive criticism from unsuspecting other animal rights organizations around the world, it was thought that the phenomenon disappeared around 2011.

The small animals that can barely move have only oxygen for a few days.

Can you be tempted with a living turtle, fish or frog in the keyring?

In recent years, sellers in Chinese markets have sold keyrings with live animals. In the small plastic containers, there are, for example, turtles, fish, salamanders or frogs, but the space is so narrow that the small animals can barely move. That’s what The Dodo writes.

The colored water that the animals live in contains just as much nutrition and oxygen that the animals can survive for a few days.

China: Keychains with LIVE Animals continue to be SOLD 1

Since the special souvenirs appeared in 2011, animal rights organizations have struggled to stop the sale. Either the animals die, or at best, they are taken out of the containers by the buyers who try to take care of them.

Several videos show how trapped animals are struggling to get out of captivity. In China, selling live animals in key chains is not prohibited.

These are animals that are sensitive to temperature changes, so that and the shock of being thrown around all the time will kill them, says Sam Walton

Several name gatherings in China have tried to establish a union, but nothing has happened yet.

This movie, recorded in March 2017, from The Star Online magazine shows that sales are still occurring.

Animal Rights Best Tips to Help These Animals Always be an animal-friendly tourist. Never buy products with or from animals. Invite more people to do the same.

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