Bizarre Reptilian Creature recorded in Drainage of UK (video)

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A strange reptilian creature was recorded in the drainage of a UK town

A video that was uploaded to YouTube last week has sparked a debate about the existence of unknown reptilian creatures. The footage in question depicts what appears to be a small, thin creature with large eyes and scales slithering through the drainage system of Honiton in Devon.

There are many stories according to which strange life forms live underground. However, these stories usually remain on the Internet and never reach a global audience.

There are many stories of beings that come from hell and have been with us since the dawn of time.

The most controversial video in YouTube history is one that shows a creature of the Reptilian aspect filmed at a British museum. However, there are four videos like this one that was published on YouTube.

Responsible for uploading these recordings was a company called United Utilities, a company responsible for water in the UK.

A bizarre reptilian creature has been recorded in a drainage system of the UK. Early reports from the University of Wales, Swansea have confirmed that a video captured by a resident on their smartphone is indeed real and not fake. The footage was taken while they were walking to work on Friday morning when they spotted something scuttling along the side of one of the tunnels at junction 10A near Cambrian.
The short clip shows what appears to be an Asian giant salamander measuring around 20 inches long moving through the water towards its natural habitat in woodland behind some houses. Some people believe it may be related to sightings of similar creatures reported last year which turned out to be false alarms, but this new find could indicate otherwise.

Bizarre Encounters with Lizard Men

In the area of ​​cryptozoology and encounters with strange creatures, some accounts are certainly more awesome than others. There are such reports that describe something that is not only fixed within the bizarre but also appears to lie completely outside the biological possibility, outside of nature, and which drives these cases out to the outermost regions. Certainly among these are the various reports of humanoid creatures that can only be described as some kind of twofold lizard. These accounts are extremely bizarre, often disturbing, and serve to defy any simple classification or reason.

This creature was found by a woman in her garden and recorded on video. The animal has an elongated neck, webbed feet, and bright yellow coloring that is not like anything we know of. It looks like the head is also very large for such a small body.

What could this strange animal be?

The creature can be seen slowly creeping around the drainage system in someone’s backyard in West Yorkshire, UK. The camera zooms in to show you more detail as it moves closer and closer to the drainpipe opening before disappearing off-screen! This might be one of the most bizarre animals ever discovered, according to National Geographic!


Bizarre Reptilian Creature recorded in Drainage of UK (video) 2

Many conspirators began discussing and analyzing the images, claiming that it was really a Reptilian being. The Leigh Journal was the first to collect the images and review them.

Mike Wood, director of the United Utilities’ sewer system, said many employees had reported sightings of some strange creature so they began reviewing the entire network of pipes.

As the movies gained more and more popularity, the theory began that it would be a reptilian take on much more public power.

Mysterious Lizard Men is that of a massive bipedal, reptilian creature that is probably native to the US state of South Carolina, where it is variously known as Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp, Lizard Man of Lee County and Monster of Bishopville.



David Icke

David Vaughan Nonke, born April 29, 1952, is a British conspiracy theorist, speaker, and former speaker of the Green Party in the United Kingdom. He is the author of 19 books, and The Biggest Secret (1999) has been dubbed “the Rosetta Stone for conspiracy junkies.” In his youth, he was a football goalkeeper for Coventry, and he has also worked as a TV presenter. Since 1990 he has concentrated on the question “who or what” it is that controls the world, which is also the main subject of his books and lectures.

In September 1994, Nonke was banned from speaking at the annual Green Party conference, on the grounds that some parts of his latest book, The Robot’s Rebellion, contained anti-Semitic arguments.

At first, I thought there was something wrong with my eyes. But no matter how many times I looked at the video and tried to see if it’s some weird kind of fish or eel, I couldn’t figure out what this creature is. Scientists can probably best describe it as a reptilian life form that has somehow adapted to living in the drainage system.

This weird creature is not the only one that’s been found in recent years and there are many who believe that it belongs to a species of water-dwelling reptiles called Sauropterygia, which was never thought before to exist on land. These creatures were believed by scientists to be extinct for over 200 million years, but if the recent sightings are legit then it means that they must have survived somewhere.

For more information about this strange-looking creature, read the following article: Bizarre Reptilian Creature recorded in Drainage of UK.

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Reptilian Creature Seen In Drainage of UK.


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