Australia Has Its Own Stonehenge – Piece of Lost History

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Stonehenge – Piece of Lost History

Australia, a continent far removed for the united and full of the unknown. being so accessible due to its distance and location, the Australian continent is not so visited by archaeologists.

Today I said to stop for a few minutes in this beautiful place full of unique animals and a special mystique.

Today we bend our eyes to the mystical stones, stones that are known in the world as StoneHenge. Let’s see the article collected from the internet and especially do not forget that I need your help!

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Australia has its own unique story, and it looks pretty old. It has been very difficult to come to an agreement with this kind of news and perhaps that is why there seems to be this need to cover up or destroy all records and achievements related to Australia’s secret history.

In the video below, a man has an opinion that totally contradicts the official records of our origins.

It was basically labeled as a silly job for its problems and as a result, an interesting part of Australia’s history emerged.

Australia Has Its Own Stonehenge - Piece of Lost History 2

If it turns out I was wrong, why this need for such measures?

Check out the video below to learn more and share your opinions with us.

VIDEO:Stonehenge – Piece of Lost History

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Some distinctive landmarks such as the 188-rock stone circle in New South Wales and Ayers Rock in central Australia are seen as indications that the “spirits of heaven” were responsible for helping to initiate Australian civilization in this clip of the Season 11, Episode 7″. The Guardians of Wisdom”



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