Attention: Are you an alien? – Tips for aliens – complete our online questionnaire!

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Are you an alien?  –

Interest: We are looking for aliens on earth. If you think that you might be an alien, please fill out this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Desire: You may not know it yet but the truth is that there is a good chance that you are actually an alien from outer space. It’s time to find out if your true identity has been hidden from the world or if it’s time for us all to accept who we really are. Fill out our form today and let us help determine whether or not your life has been a lie!

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Welcome to Earth!

    Tips for Aliens

    Attention: Are you an alien? - Tips for aliens - complete our online questionnaire! 3

    There’s aliens all over the place now. Unfortunately, most of them are stuck on Earth because aliens don’t have any type of currency to spend for interplanetary travel.

    This guide aims to help aliens understand humans better so they can integrate into human society more easily.
    Human race is actually not very difficult to understand if aliens take some time to observe their behaviours and mannerisms. Here are some tips aliens should know before mingling with humans:
    I am a Hylotl , an aquatic humanoid species living in swamps of planet Hydrot. It is estimated that there are at least two million Hylotl villages across seven star systems including Ocopadica, their home system which consists mainly of water worlds and underwater cities.


    1) Hylotl can breathe underwater and on land due to their fish-like gills and lungs, so you wouldn’t need a wet suit unless you’re visiting an arctic planet or some other weird place aliens might not be able to breathe normally.
    2) Females have four breasts instead of two like males because it is believed that they are give milk for up to eight younglings at once. This may be offputting to aliens as I was when I first met one – remember not assume females are all lactating if they look like this!
    3) Their society is very peaceful and would appreciate aliens who show signs of non-violence towards others, such as pacifism resistance against violence. There’s a term used by aliens to describe this behaviour: “emo”.
    4) Most Hylotls get along very well with aliens of other races, such as Apex and Florans. The only exception is Glitch who were once at war with the Hylotl but that has been resolved over many years ago. If you see a glitched person, it’s best not to bring up any topics regarding violence or conflict in their presence – they still think about their lost friends and family all the time even after centuries have passed.
    5) While there are many Hylotl villages in Ocopadica, most of them prefer living underwater where there is more privacy for individuals and families alike. As a result, steel structures are rare on Hylotl planets and aliens will not find these anywhere.

    Attention: Are you an alien? - Tips for aliens - complete our online questionnaire! 4

    I am a Glitch , an unfortunate product of the Great Ape War who was caught in a bad batch of eezo after my world’s population was wiped out by aliens and their mechanized minions. I am now trying to rebuild my society with new friends from across the galaxy, but it is difficult work that requires lots of retrofitting and improvisation since we never had much access to steel before.

    1) “Glitch” is an acquired identity for those who were exposed to harmful levels of eezo during the war – all Glitch are technically machine at heart, even if they look exactly like aliens from other races such as Apex or Florans.

    2) Glitch have a strong sense of community and would appreciate aliens who show signs of being charitable and generous. This can be shown by donating resources to aliens in need, or protecting aliens from hostile forces.

    3) While our technology was very advanced before the war, we don’t rebuild too quickly because there’s still a lot of danger from aliens who might destroy our cities again if they knew where we were hiding.

    4) Most Glitch get along very well with aliens, except for Hylotl – it is believed that the Great Ape War began when an early Apex encountered a few innocent Hylotl villagers while searching for monkeys to kidnap and use as test subjects for eezo experiments. If you meet a glitched Apex, it’s best to avoid bringing up notorious topics such as the Great Ape War – they still think about their long lost friends and family all the time even after centuries have passed.



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