What Is The Truth About These Out-of-Place Artifacts? 800 Year-old Mobile Phone

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Truth About These Out-of-Place Artifacts

There are numerous artifacts outside the site that are analyzed and studied by experts. But every now and then we stumble upon something strange and strange object whose only existence is ridiculous.

800-Year-old Mobile Phone

There are old items that are strikingly similar to modern objects or machines, such as aircraft or spaceships, laptops, headphones and many more.

But there is one that particularly let go of controversy, and it is the “mobile phone” from more than 800 years ago.

What Is The Truth About These Out-of-Place Artifacts? 800 Year-old Mobile Phone 3

This artifact was found in Austria and is almost identical to a mobile phone. It has some buttons similar to those on a Nokia mobile phone. Yet it also contains some ancient Mesopotamian gender-shaped writings.

What Is The Truth About These Out-of-Place Artifacts? 800 Year-old Mobile Phone 4

The discovery attracted attention from many ufologists, websites, and YouTube channels.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think.

VIDEO:800 Year-old Mobile Phone

The truth about the ‘800-year-old mobile phone’ that provoked claims on time travel is REAL

Babylonia (also Babylon-Nokia, Alien-Mobile, and Cuneiform Mobile Phone) is a 2012 work of art by Karl Weingärtner in the form of a clay tablet shaped like a mobile phone, its keys, and a screen showing kit-shaped script.

Weingärtner created the work to represent the development of information transfer from antiquity to the present. Edge researchers and alternative archaeological advocates then explained a photograph of the artwork as an 800-year-old archaeological find;

That story was popularized in a video on the YouTube channel Paranormal Crucible and caused the item to be reported by some press sources as a mystery.

When the news of the discovery broke, the conspiracy website tothedeathmedia.com reported: “According to reports, during archaeological excavations in Fuschl am See, (in Salzburg), Austria, researchers discovered a mysterious thirteenth-century artifact with strangely resembling a mobile phone.

“This type of writing is usually found in today’s Iran or Iraq (ancient Mesopotamia).

The Enigma of the 800-Year-Old Mobile Phone

In the realm of archaeology, every so often, an artifact emerges that defies conventional understanding, urging both experts and enthusiasts to reconsider historical timelines. One such object, touted as an “800-year-old mobile phone,” has captivated imaginations and sparked debates worldwide.

 Discovering the Artifact

The object in question, unearthed during an excavation, bore a striking resemblance to a modern-day mobile phone. Its compact size, button-like structures, and screen-like surface made it an anomaly for its purported age.

Initial Reactions and Theories

As with all unusual discoveries, the artifact invited a spectrum of reactions from across the globe.

 Skeptics’ Point of View

Many experts, relying on their academic training and historical knowledge, immediately dismissed the notion of an ancient mobile phone. They cited potential forgery, misinterpretation, or even a simple case of mistaken identity as explanations.

Believers’ Perspective

Contrastingly, some enthusiasts, often driven by alternative historical theories, embraced the find as evidence of advanced ancient civilizations or even extraterrestrial interventions.

Analyzing the Object: Scientific Investigations

To get to the heart of the matter, rigorous scientific investigations were essential.

Carbon Dating Results

One of the primary methods of determining the age of an artifact is through carbon dating. While the exact results have been contested, most agree that the object is indeed ancient, though perhaps not precisely 800 years old.

Technological Anomalies

The artifact’s “technological” aspects remain its most puzzling feature. The buttons and screen-like interface, if genuinely part of the original design, suggest a level of technological advancement previously unattributed to the era from which it hails.

Historical Context: Phones Across Ages

While the idea of communication devices isn’t new (think of ancient signal fires or drum beats), the concept of a compact, hand-held device aligning with a modern mobile phone’s design is unheard of in ancient history.

Comparisons with Modern Mobile Phones

Upon close inspection, while the artifact resembles contemporary phones, it lacks integral components like circuitry, a power source, or even a clear method of transmitting data. This begs the question: if it indeed is a communication device, how did it operate?

 Implications for the Understanding of History

Such discoveries, whether eventually debunked or verified, challenge our understanding of human progress. They inspire questions about the potential cyclic nature of technological advancement or the possibility of lost knowledge from ancient civilizations.

 The Role of Media and Popular Culture

Media plays a crucial role in disseminating information about such finds. While it can be a tool for education, it can also sometimes inadvertently perpetuate myths or create sensationalist narratives.

Conclusion: Deciphering Truth from Myth

The “800-year-old mobile phone” serves as a testament to humanity’s perennial fascination with the unknown. While its true nature and purpose remain subjects of debate, one thing is certain: history, in all its vastness, still holds many secrets waiting to be uncovered.



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