Area 51: So the truth about the aliens would be revealed

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Area 51 is the US Air Force’s secret base in the desert, 20 miles north of Las Vegas.

Here, the top-secret battle plan is being tested – long before the outside world finds out. According to others, aliens are stored here, dead or alive.

On September 20, it will be invaded by 2 million people, UFO fans have threatened.

Area 51 is remote in the United States, 20 miles north of Las Vegas and with much more desert than humans. The nearest town is Rachel, has 57 inhabitants, has no street light or petrol station, but lives on UFO tourists who travel and look for a corresponding 12 x 12-kilometer large barren desert area.

Why? Many people think that there are aliens there.

What we know about Area 51 is that it is a secret Air Force base. Here, advanced and very secret fighter aircraft have been tested since the 1950s.

The base staff lives in Las Vegas and they fly in daily. If you look at satellite images of the area, you will see a very long runway for aircraft and partly roads that go straight into the mountains.

Area 51 is actually called the “Nevada Test and Training Range” and is 155 square miles. The area is separated by warning signs and patrolling the military. Anyone who moves further into the area may encounter high fences around the area. But most people don’t go that far.

The name comes from map coordinates. Thus, there are also less exciting areas, type Area 42.

What happens if you enter Area 51?

Anyone who defies the warning signs can expect to be arrested and convicted of intrusion. This happened to two Dutch YouTubers. Their drones, computers, and pictures were seized. They themselves were jailed for three days before being sentenced to pay SEK 22,000 each. If they return to Area 51 within a year, they risk one year in prison each.

They got away with life, which is not safe if someone would go far into Area 51 without permission.

The US authorities are and have been very clear that they will stop all attempts to enter Area 51, regardless of how many people arrive there on September 20.

What happens on September 20? What is Storm Area 51?
The “Storm Area 51” event started on Facebook in June 2019 and quickly gained a million audience. About 2.1 million have indicated on Facebook that they will participate in Nevada’s desert when the storm would start at lunch, local time.

“We meet at Area 51’s alien-center tourist attraction and we coordinate. If we run like Naruto we move faster than their bullets ”, it was called in the Facebook event“ Storm Area 51 ”.

One of them is the Swedish YouTuber Felix Kjellberg or PewDiePie whom he is known as he declared that he wanted to participate in the event on September 20.

But will it happen? It seems that the event changed focus during the period up to September 20.

“From the now legendary memorial ‘Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us’, organizers have promised a kind of Woodstock for UFO friends, an Alienstock festival, held in several places at one time, including in Las Vegas.


What is in Area 51 that is so secret or exciting?

According to the myth, a flying saucer crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, in June 1947. The local newspaper reported the unknown object crashing. The locals saw what it was, but could not interpret what had crashed.

Later, the authorities explained that it was an advanced weather balloon, but then rumors of aliens were already in circulation. Alleged dead bodies, survivors and the remains of the equally alleged flying saucer must have been brought to Area 51 according to the belief.

Based on this, rumors and stories have been woven, where a theory is that US authorities cooperate with aliens.

Witnesses from people who worked there claim to have seen aliens there, something the authorities have denied.

Area 51 in popular culture
Many episodes of the TV series Archive X revolve around Area 51. Even the film “Independence Day” takes place in Area 51 that fits with the conspiracy theorists’ picture of the place.

A strange rumor about Area 51

It appeared strange movie images that would show dead aliens taken care of by people. Rumors of these aliens were that the Nazi doctor, Doctor Mengele and Soviet dictator Josef Stalin had succeeded in genetically modifying people and sent away twelve-year-olds who looked like the picture above, to the United States to scare off Americans and make them believe in an invasion from space.

These aliens / twelve-year-olds would now be in Area 51.


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