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“Ancient ‘sleeping giants’ discovered in time capsules ready to awaken!”

Ancient ‘sleeping giants

Attention: Have you ever heard of the “sleeping giants”?

Interest: The members of this secret society found a cave in which were several giant humanoids, apparently alive but in a state of alternative animation. They took them to their headquarters and began studying them. After years of research, they discovered that these beings had been placed there by an extraterrestrial race who wanted to preserve them for future generations. This discovery was kept hidden from the world until now…

For years, scientists have been studying the “sleeping giants” – an ancient race of humanoids found underneath a mountain. The members took them to their headquarters and began researching how they were placed there by an extraterrestrial species centuries ago with one purpose: To guard us from danger!

Could there be an alien race out to genetically engineer humans? A new study suggests they might. According to researchers at the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, a previously unknown group within our own genome shows evidence for their existence and it’s not what you’d expect either- this mystery human lineage is actually more closely related to members of other animals like chimps or giraffes!

There are plenty of theories regarding alien life forms and what their plan with us has been all along. We know for a fact that they often times experiment on us, but what’s the end goal?

Some people believe we’re being controlled as slaves while others think there might be something more complex going on at work here- like genetic engineering or even breeding programs designed to create new species altogether!

The capsule was found to contain a note that read, “The people of your time have not been great at preserving history. In order for this generation’s historians and archeologists alike you should open the box when it has stopped raining.” When opened in 2035 an uncovered tablet with ancient markings on it revealed itself from out buried depths!



These sleeping giants are ancient people, many generations ago. They were the first of their kind to explore this land and make it theirs with strength in numbers enough for defense or attack against others who would come calling on them without invitation–a clear sign not just that they respected themselves but also how much there was left yet undiscovered about life itself

Ancient ‘sleeping giants’ have long been seen by outsiders as simply being inactive geological structures – huge rocks hypnotized into astral slumber, ̶ until now!



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