The Osirion – 7,000 Years Ago: The Ancient Egyptians Could NOT Have Constructed This

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The Osirion Temple at Abydos, Egypt. Mysterious temple flooded with groundwater.

Founded around -3472 AR, Osirion was one of the first nations to rise from barbarism and chaos that engulfed the world after the fall and became a civilization lighthouse at the beginning of the world’s fate.

Pharaohs ruled as gods on earth, their hieroglyphic inscriptions towered over even Thassilon’s most powerful, and their armies could fight a kingdom to clay and wipe out the sun on death wings. Osirion reached the peak of his power around -3000 AR under the rule of the kings of God.

Its territory includes the modern countries of Katapesh, Rahadoum, Geb, and Thuvia. Enormous monuments to the divine rulers of Osirion were erected by the conquered peoples of these countries, many of whom survive to this day.

Archaeologists have thoroughly investigated this aspect and have come to the conclusion that the only reason the temple was at that depth is that over time, sediments have been deposited around the walls. This aspect is quite bizarre and unbelievable because a subsequent calculation established that the sediments deposited around the temple demonstrate that it was not built during Seth I, that is, 4,500 years ago, but about 12,000 years ago. years ago.

Archaeologists cannot say exactly when and by whom this temple was erected. However, according to Strabo’s writings, a Greek geographer and philosopher, the Abydos temple was built from the same material as the Hawara Labyrinth. However, there are many archaeologists who argue that this temple is not the work of the Egyptians, but they found it there.

Swiss Nassim Haramein, a self-taught artist already well-known in scientific circles, suggests a closer examination of the problem. By examining this symbol, Nassim discovers something that raises great questions: the technology used to create this symbol in Abydos cannot be reproduced using today’s science.

Massive constructions not understood by people. Today we have the highest technology, we build blocks with 100 floors and we still wonder about these old buildings.

The Osirion Temple

A mysterious first fact is that the foundation of this temple is about 15 meters lower than the foundation of an ancient building in Egypt.

The technology used in Abydos is truly an unknown laser technique. Combustion was achieved through mineral penetration. “If you try to cut a piece of stone, the symbol can still be seen,” Nassim explains. The researcher is fascinated by the presence of archaeologists on the Gâza Plateau. They have not mentioned this case and do not recognize many other unexplained dilemmas in Egypt.

“This is a very ancient symbol found on a granite pillar in the Osirian Temple in Abydos, Egypt. Why is this object, this drawing, which is not found on a 100-ton pillar in the middle of the temple in any of the history or archeology books?”


VIDEO: The Ancient Egyptians Could NOT Have Constructed This 

Watch the amazing video for more information. And I’m curious what you think after hearing all these details.



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