Ancient Egypt discovered in the Grand Canyon

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Lost Civilization in the Grand Canyon Where, wait, Egyptian?

An incredible discovery has recently been discovered in the United States. Presumably, an ancient civilization lived and developed under the Grand Canyon.

Ancient Egyptian Lost City & Buddha Statue Discovered in The GRAND CANYON?!

The Smithsonian Institute has already classified the evidence for this discovery. The story first appeared in 1909 and The World Explorers Club conducted an investigation to show the authenticity of this story.

The expedition was led by Professor S. A. Jordan of the Smithsonian Institute in the caves of the Grand Canyon. However, the Smithsonian states that you do not know anything about this expedition and the discoveries it has made. No further information was provided on these findings.

Ancient Egypt discovered in the Grand Canyon 3

We are facing an incredibly important discovery that can change theories according to which there was no form of communication between continents separated by oceans. The Indians were supporters of the Ice Age adventures that have come to the United States through the Bering Strait.

Ancient Egypt discovered in the Grand Canyon 4

The idea that Egyptians have reached the past to the United States is rejected. The institution probably wants to maintain the status quo of things and keep some knowledge prohibited from the public.

A further cover-up

Can these sites have any connection to other Egyptian finds? Can these Grand Canyon caves contain the answer to all these mysteries?

Watch the next video for more detailed information and news on the topic and draw your own conclusions.

VIDEO: Ancient Egypt discovered in the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is an eroded desert landscape in northwestern Arizona, USA. The Grand Canyon National Park (4,926.7 km²) has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979. The Colorado River has been buried in the bedrock for a long time, forming one of the world’s largest ravines.

It is approximately 446 kilometers long, 0.4-24 kilometers wide and up to 1.6 kilometers deep. The Grand Canyon is called the world’s largest and oldest history, as it contains so many different ancient stones. The upper layer consists of the youngest rock, which is limestone and is 250 million years old. Below the limestone are older stones. There are many fossils in the rocks.


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