An Ancient Advanced Civilization Existed Million of Years Ago – And I Can Prove It

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Good morning on a weekend day. Today I saw a TV show about dinosaurs, and things that happened millions of years ago. I have a simple theory that solves all the mysteries related to this.
Let’s think a little, we know that Christ is in year 0, we know that before Christ we have another 2000 years.

Ancient Advanced Civilization Existed

Now the period that we do not know is before the Flood. When humans lived a thousand years ago, when intelligence was very advanced, perhaps far more advanced than today. I think this solves all the mysteries.

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What do you think about this theory?

  • Below we find the article on the Internet.

Earth has been here for quite some time, it’s 4.543 million years old. During that time, anything could have happened, but what’s more intriguing is that no one knows what will happen next.

According to our research, the first evidence of life on Earth dates back 2.5 million years and is related to an ancient piece of rock in Australia.

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The Earth was a very different place from what it is now. It was completely covered with prehistoric forests, swamps, giant trees, and dinosaurs. As we all know, these animals were wiped out by a large asteroid. With all the natural disasters caused by that asteroid, it’s pretty incredible that something survived.

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Would it be possible for an ancient and developed civilization long before it caused the destruction of dinosaurs?

We still have to find some solid evidence of an advanced and fully developed civilization that has preceded us. As far as we know, the oldest civilization dates back seven million years, and that’s a long time for a civilization to evolve.

Could there have once been an advanced civilization in our past?

A new book by Dr. David Sereda questions this notion and suggests we may be dealing with evidence of such a lost world today.

I found it quite interesting that one possible explanation for where these ancient ruins come from could simply involve underwater plateaus formed millions of years ago due to immense rising ocean levels following a collision between continents together, known asalledanding events.

These types of places are particularly fertile ground when you consider them because they often contain rich metal deposits underneath rock layers, which would explain why some scholars claim MovableType paper was first invented here too back during Sun Tzu’s time period

Watch the video below to see our evidence.


When you watch a documentary you do not have to be skeptical, accept the opinion of another, try to see it from another angle. Here at Aliens Latest, we try to find the truth together. I am not the owner of the truth, I just find controversial things and present them. You can help me!



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