Alien Encounters: Las Vegas Family Calls 911, Police Set Up Cameras

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Las Vegas Alien Encounter: A Deep Dive into the Mysterious 911 Call

An in-depth analysis of the mysterious 911 call in Las Vegas where a family reported an alien sighting, and the subsequent police investigation

In the vast expanse of the universe, the possibility of extraterrestrial life has always intrigued humanity. But what happens when such an encounter is reported right in the heart of Las Vegas? This article delves deep into a peculiar incident where a family claimed to have witnessed aliens in their backyard.

The Mysterious 911 Call

On April 30, around 11:50 p.m., the night sky over Las Vegas was pierced by a streaking flash. This celestial event was not only captured on a police officer’s body camera but was also reported by numerous individuals across eastern California, Nevada, and Utah. But the real enigma began about 40 minutes later when a young man dialed 911. He described seeing something plummet from the heavens, followed by the presence of two inexplicable entities in his backyard. The caller’s description was vivid: beings standing between 8 to 10 feet tall, with enormous, glistening eyes and an appearance that was decidedly non-human.

Police Response and Investigation

The Las Vegas Metro police, upon receiving the call, dispatched two officers to the scene. Body camera footage from these officers revealed their apprehension. One officer even remarked about his nervousness, mentioning a shooting star and the subsequent report of aliens. In the days that followed, at least one officer interviewed neighbors, some of whom claimed to have felt something “land” in the vicinity.

Witness Accounts and Confirmations

The 8 News Now Investigators managed to obtain call logs that showed multiple family members confirming the sighting to the police. Furthermore, neighbors were interviewed, some of whom also felt something had “landed” in the area.

The Role of the Metro Police

In the aftermath of the incident, the family reported seeing men in suits and sunglasses, driving cars with government license plates. The Metro police, in a bid to ensure the family’s safety, installed temporary cameras in their yard. These cameras were later removed, but not before sparking a wave of speculation and intrigue.

Government Involvement and Speculations

Representatives from nearby Creech and Nellis air force bases denied any involvement in the incident. The Pentagon, when approached, remained tight-lipped, offering no specific answers.

Alien Encounters: Las Vegas Family Calls 911, Police Set Up Cameras 2

The Family’s Perspective

The family’s ordeal didn’t end with the sighting. They reported hearing noises in their yard and expressed concerns about their safety. The police, in response, offered to install cameras to alleviate their fears. However, when the 8 News Now team visited the house a week later, no cameras were visible.

The Aftermath

While the event remains shrouded in mystery, sources close to the investigation have stated that they do not believe the call was a hoax. In Nevada, making a deceptive 911 call is a serious offense, carrying a potential prison sentence of 1 to 4 years.


The Las Vegas alien encounter serves as a testament to the enduring human fascination with the unknown. Whether the family truly witnessed extraterrestrial beings or it was a mere misinterpretation of events remains uncertain. However, the incident has undoubtedly etched itself into the annals of Las Vegas lore, leaving behind more questions than answers.


  1. What did the family report seeing?
    • They claimed to have seen two entities, standing between 8 to 10 feet tall with large, shiny eyes.
  2. How did the police respond to the 911 call?
    • Two officers were dispatched to the scene, and their body camera footage captured their reactions and investigations.
  3. Were other witnesses interviewed?
    • Yes, neighbors were interviewed, some of whom claimed to have felt something “land” in the area.
  4. Did the government have any involvement in the incident?
    • Representatives from nearby air force bases denied involvement, and the Pentagon did not provide specific answers.
  5. Was the call deemed a hoax?
    • Sources close to the investigation stated they do not believe it was a hoax.
  6. What measures did the police take to ensure the family’s safety?
    • The Metro police installed temporary cameras in the family’s yard, which were later removed.



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