Alien base and Crystalline UFO discovered off the Coast of Mexico

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Acclaimed ufologist Scott Warring was searching for anomalies on Google Earth when he uncovered evidence on an extraterrestrial base located to thousands of people on the Mexican coast.

In addition, a new blog post stated that next to the base is a crystalline UFO approximately 1.8 miles wide.

Compared to the base, the UFO is quite small. The base has been strategically built underwater.

26°46’14.93″N 110°11’40.87″W

I found this amazing crystal blue UFO at a strange base underwater off the coast of Mexico today. The UFO according to the Google ruler is 1.8 miles across in both directions. It’s a great foreign craft! I guess if it’s parked underwater it’s more of a USO (unidentified submerged object) that some call them.

Notice that from the UFO, the three paths are closer together, which means that the USOs are starting to gain momentum. At the end of the three lanes, they have spread a lot … which means that it is the end of the lane and they need more space between them. The runways are 77 miles long! Why do they need runways … maybe it is an area that is safe for fish, sharks, whales so that the USOs travel safer.

This also reminds me of the story of Atlantis told by Plato. The advanced creatures on the island of Atlantis had a blue giant crystal that extended the lives of the citizens, strengthened their technology and in the end … destroyed Atlantis by sinking the city under the sea. Is it the giant blue crystal?

Alien base and Crystalline UFO discovered off the Coast of Mexico 3

According to Warring, this base was built for foreigners in order to maintain their hidden existence from us. At the same time, there are no fish, no sharks, no whales around that base, which means it’s highly protected.

Alien base and Crystalline UFO discovered off the Coast of Mexico 4

However, Warring offers another theory, according to which that basis could, in fact, be the only lost continent of Atlantis.

He claims that the inhabitants of Atlantis were in possession of blue-glass relatives who extended their life expectancy. According to Warring, that crystal could be the UFO mentioned above.

While many skeptics don’t believe what Warring claims, thousands of people firmly believe in his arguments.
What do you think? Take a look at the video below and leave your comment.

VIDEO: Ancient Alien Base Or Atlantis With Crystal UFO Under Ocean Off Mexico Coast

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