Once ruled Earth (We have proof) Advanced Ancient Civilizations

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When you are considering whether to jump in the sea or not! For days in a row, I was standing on the water, because I was born near the sea. I know that there is a difference between the sea and the sea but when you dive into the depth everything seems different.

I learned to dive without a diving suit and started to stay a little easier. I do not recommend this type of training to anyone! It’s very dangerous.

The sea is said to steal you! That’s right, but the depth of the sea robs you even faster. It’s another world, a world that you try to get to know as much as possible. I remember waking up in the morning with this thought and diving into the water as deeply as possible. Even if you find a simple rock or an underground cove, everything is fascinating. They tell real events, things you rarely experience in your life. When I made my first discovery, I was ten years old, and since then this passion has increased.

A few days ago I read an article that we don’t know much about the depths of the sea and the sea. We know only 10-15% of what is hidden on earth. I’m so far from the truth. Go below with this article which I saw is quite popular on the internet. Let’s hope that every day gives us more discoveries.

Advanced Ancient Civilizations

In almost every culture on the planet, there are stories of very advanced ancient cities that once plunged deep into the sea. The most famous story is about Atlantis. There seem to be many more advanced ancient cities.

Once ruled Earth (We have proof) Advanced Ancient Civilizations 6

Until recently, these stories did not seem credible. Most scientists did not think these old cities were true. Technological advances in recent years have enabled researchers to make impressive discoveries.

Advanced technology has enabled us to explore the seabed as never before.

Once ruled Earth (We have proof) Advanced Ancient Civilizations 7

Today we can see some of the most impressive discoveries ever made that have been found at the bottom of the sea.

Giant cities and structures have been discovered in all the oceans of the planet.

advanced city submerged

Could these mega-structures be clear evidence that there were some very advanced civilizations in the distant past of our planet? These results absolutely change everything they have taught us in school about our past.

Recently, some megalithic ruins have been discovered in Russia containing the largest boulders ever made on this planet. No one could explain the origin of these stones. Scientists have no idea of the civilization that lived in these places.


Once ruled Earth (We have proof) Advanced Ancient Civilizations 8

It seems that the structures that have been discovered at the bottom of the sea are more impressive than the stones in Russia.

Japan’s ancient megalithic underwater city:

In the Okinawan culture, people have gone through many stories of great underwater cities and their generation from generation to generation.

Until recently, they were considered simple stories. No one thought these underwater cities could be true.

But in 1986, a great discovery was made that changed everything. In 1986, near Yonaguni Jima Island near Okinawa, Japan, scientists found some enormous structures that were only 25 meters from the sea level.

It seems that the age of these artificial structures is more than 10,000 years. There are also huge pyramids here.

Below you can watch a very interesting video about these ancient ruins.

The giant underwater city of Dwarka in India:

A large underwater city was recently discovered in India. This city extends for about 10 miles.

This city is living proof that in our forgotten past on our planet there were much more advanced civilizations.

The city was found about 130 meters deep in the Gulf of Cambay, near India. It seems that the age of this city is similar to that of the underwater city in Japan.

The Indians believed that this city belonged to the Hindu god Krishna.

In the video below you can find more information about this enigmatic city:

The underwater city found in Cuba:

In 2001, the BBC TV station announced the discovery of a large city lost in Cuban waters.

Once ruled Earth (We have proof) Advanced Ancient Civilizations 9

Researchers working for a Canadian company have found this city with very advanced sonar technology.

Once ruled Earth (We have proof) Advanced Ancient Civilizations 10

This city was found at a depth of about 2,000 feet. At first, everyone thought it was the legendary city of Atlantis. But many researchers did not agree with this theory.

Advanced Ancient Civilizations

Advanced Ancient Civilizations

As with cities discovered in Japan and India, there are also many pyramids in this sunken city of Cuba. As if these cities had been made by the same ancient civilization.

Underwater city near Saipan:

Google Earth also allows ordinary people to find submerged cities. So it happened to this dive town near Saipan.

The city was discovered by an amateur using Google Earth.

This city is about 250 miles long and 50 miles wide.

These anomalies at the bottom of the sea may be the remains of an ancient civilization in Asia, but they may well be an alien submarine base.

Don’t forget to share your views on these underwater cities in the comments section below.


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