A 12,500-year-old sphinx discovered in Pakistan

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Old sphinx discovered in Pakistan?

Sphinx discovered in Pakistan – this weekend also went, I was on the beach, I know you are not very interested, but somehow the sand is related to the Sphinx. We know it was common for an event, such as the birth of a child, or when a fight won to build something big. These constructions have also emerged. I know the big question is how they were built and why they have the same distinct architecture. Same story as when it comes to pyramids that are tens of thousands of miles away.

There are two simple theories:

1. They were built before Noah’s flood when the technology was very advanced.

2. They were built with hundreds of thousands of slaves. I know that at point 2 it seems a little impossible, but if you live in a former communist country you will understand. When you are a dictator and not interested in costs, all people will work without stopping at that construction.

In our country, we have two examples. I know I have moved on the subject but it is important to understand that everything can be built whenever you want and you have unlimited resources!

Recently, another impressive Sphinx was discovered in Balochistan, Pakistan, exactly 6,000 kilometers from the already famous Sphinx in Giza, Egypt.

This discovery supports and reinforces our argument that an ancient civilization older than the Egyptian existed and built many structures, most of them now lost.

According to experts, the Sphinx in Balochistan has been created by natural phenomena, and its similarity to the Sphinx in Egypt is just a coincidence. All of these conclusions were made without official archaeological research.

The mysterious Balochistan Sphinx has an old story to tell – but is an advanced ancient civilization or mother nature hidden behind the story?

A 12,500-year-old sphinx discovered in Pakistan 3

But many who actually visited the site denied Graham Hancock’s version and concluded that the site is a very old sphinx. The Balochistan Sphinx is estimated to be back for more than 12500 years.

A 12,500-year-old sphinx discovered in Pakistan 4

Watch the video below and share your impressions with us.

VIDEO: A Great Sphinx Discovered In Pakistan?

The new road finally gave tourists easier access to Hingol National Park, 240 km (150 miles) from Karachi, and home to the huge anomalous rock formation known as the “Balochistan Sphinx”

The Sphinx in Pakistan has stood there unnoticed and unexplored for centuries. It was not until 2004 that the public became aware of its existence.


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