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9 Most unexplained Ancient Artifacts

ert - 9 Most unexplained Ancient Artifacts

 Most unexplained Ancient Artifacts

Researchers discover many artifacts that they cannot understand. Or they can’t figure out the period they belong to or they just don’t seem to fit into the official documents.

20,000-year-old electric transformer built on a stone

Most unexplained Ancient Artifacts
Most unexplained Ancient Artifacts

Archaeologists find incredible artifact buried

This transformer was found by photographer and scientist Ismet Smaili in the mountains of Kosovo. What is interesting is that the coils for this transformer are embedded in a stone, but in such a way that it makes a body common with the stone. The coils are made of high purity copper.

Antikythera mechanism:

Antikythera Mechanism 300x170 - 9 Most unexplained Ancient Artifacts

In particular, this device looks like a kind of future device, even though it is more than 2000 years old. It was found in a Greek cargo ship and is made of bronze together with a complex system of 30 hand-cut gears.

Old screw:

Ancient Screw 300x225 - 9 Most unexplained Ancient Artifacts

As we know, the use of screws goes back more than 1500 years, but they may have been used long before it was known that humans existed.

The currency of the Parallel Universe:

coin from future parallel universe 300x157 - 9 Most unexplained Ancient Artifacts

A construction team from Mexico found an unusual coin. They took that coin to the university for investigation. The inscriptions of the currency are: New Germany, in 2029, All in one nation (All in one nation), independence and freedom (independence and freedom)

Old hammer:

Ancient Hammer 300x207 - 9 Most unexplained Ancient Artifacts

If we think logically, the hammer must exist before the rock so that the rock was formed around the hammer.

Three-pronged plug:

Three Pronged Plug 300x158 - 9 Most unexplained Ancient Artifacts

In 1998, John Williams discovered an electrical outlet from the ground while skiing. Probably used with the 20,000-year-old electric transformer built into a stone?

Thonis-Heracleion and Canopus:

Thonis Heracleion and Canopus 300x169 - 9 Most unexplained Ancient Artifacts

The city of Thonis-Heracleion is mentioned many times in ancient texts, but many believed that the city’s existence was pure fiction. That’s because the city actually hid under the water.

The genetic disk:

The Genetic Disk 300x225 - 9 Most unexplained Ancient Artifacts

This is one of the most striking discoveries. It was found by Jaime Gutiérrez in Colombia. It is a small disc of 27 centimeters and we know a little about its origin.

The underground pyramid of Crimea:

underground pyramid 300x157 - 9 Most unexplained Ancient Artifacts

Discovered accidentally by Vitaly Goh 2001, the authorities were obviously not interested in this discovery, but shortly after they covered everything and silenced Vitaly’s team.

These are just some of the incredible unexplained recent discoveries and artifacts that make your mind fly.


An Out-of-Place Artifact (OOPArts) is an artifact of historical, archaeological, or paleontological interest found in an unusual context that challenges conventional historical chronology through its presence in that context.

Such artifacts may seem “too advanced” for the technology known to exist at the time or may imply human presence at a time before it is known that humans existed.

Other examples may suggest contact between different cultures that is difficult to present with conventional historical understanding.

Out-of-place artifact


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