Virgin Galactic sets new records – will take tourists into space already this year

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Will take tourists into space already this year


A new test trip and a series of new space records. Virgin Galactic has once again dispatched its Space Ship Two on high flying. Now founder Richard Branson is rock-safe – this year the first tourist will be sent out into space.

In December, Virgin Galactic flew into space for the first time. A hugely important step on the road to making space tourism a reality. Now they have once again been up with their Space ShipTwo VSS Unity and according to the company they have set a whole lot of records. Onboard the spaceship were two test pilots, as well as an astronaut specialist and Unity, reached 89,918 meters above sea level and a top speed of Mach 3.04 (3 629 km / h).

Virgin Galactic sets new records - will take tourists into space already this year 3

“Being able to safely fly the same vehicle back and forth to space within two months is proof of the unique capabilities we have built up within Virgin Galactic,” said Richard Branson in a statement.

Just as in previous journeys, Unity lifts up the air on a plane with dual aircraft bodies, and only when the spacecraft has come up a good distance do they light the rockets themselves. space is 100 km, but it is enough for the crew to get their astronaut wings. In addition, according to Virgin Galactic, they managed to set some records.

Worked towards the goal since 2004
Beth Moses, the company’s specialist, and responsible astronaut instructor became the first spacecraft non-pilot and woman aboard a commercial spacecraft. In addition, the main pilot Dave Mackay became the first Scottish-born space traveler.

2019 is the year that space tourism finally becomes a reality


Virgin Galactic sets new records - will take tourists into space already this year 4

Photo credit: NASA or National Aeronautics and Space Administration

– Beth, Sooch and I enjoyed a pretty cool flight which was something beyond what we had previously experienced. It was exciting at the same time as it was calm and quiet throughout the trip. For the three of us, this meant that we met our goals, but paradoxically, this is just the beginning of an adventure we can’t wait to share with thousands of others, says Dace Mackay.

Soon, hundreds of tourists will go to space.


Virgin Galactic has been working towards the goal of shipping out tourists in space since 2004 and Branson is convinced that it will be possible to commercialize already this year. The space ship, Space Ship Two, is built for crew and six passengers and can be flown up to the desired altitude 100 km. So far, more than 600 people have solved a ticket for a tour – and now that it is approaching reality, more people are attracted. If Branson’s vision is locked, and you get your first tourists this year – it will happen 50 years after the first moon landing.


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