1720 Plague Virus 1820 Cholera Outbreak 2020 China

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1720 Plague Outbreak in 2020 China …Coincidentally?


Every hundred 1720 Plague Virus pandemic, 1820 cholera outbreaks and Spanish influenza in 1920.
The above-mentioned pandemics seem to follow the same pattern as today’s viral epidemic in China.

1720 plague

1720 plague

It seems that once in 100 years the world is destroyed by a pandemic. The latest pandemics that we can mention are as follows: in 1720 the in 1720 1820 the cholera outbreak, in 1820 the cholera outbreak and the latest pandemic was the Spanish flu in 1920. The researchers said that all these pandemics that we mentioned above have exactly the same pattern as the coronary virus outbreak in China. However, the precision that these pandemics occur at exactly 100 years of age makes us think better about this subject. Are these pandemics somehow artificial by a harmful organization?

  • 1720 Virus 1820 Cholera Outbreak 1920 Spanish Flu 20202 China


But history has really repeated itself, has this virus been deliberately spread by an organization? Below I write a little about the history of these pandemics:

  1. The year 1720:
    In 1720 there was the last pandemic from large-scale bubonic plague, also known as the great virus in Marseille. Data shows that the bacterium killed about 100,000 people in Marseille.
    It is assumed that the bacterium is spread by flies infected with this bacterium.

2.The year 1820:
The first recordings of a cholera pandemic occurred in 1820, which took place in Asia, in the countries of Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. In 1820, more than 100,000 deaths were recorded in Asia caused by this bacterium. The pandemic is said to have started from people who drank water from lakes contaminated with this bacterium.

The year 1920:
The Spanish flu took place 100 years ago, at the time people had to deal with h1N1 influenza viruses that had suffered a genetic mutation which made it much more dangerous than the normal virus. This virus infected 500 million people and killed over 100 million people worldwide, this pandemic was the deadliest in recorded history.

Spanish illness, also known as Spanish, was an unusually severe and deadly form of influenza that spread throughout the world at the end of and shortly after the First World War. Its origin is unknown. Most of the victims were young adults, who were otherwise in good health. In normal flu epidemics, it is instead children, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems that are hit hardest.

The year 2020:
It seems that history repeats itself every 100 years, is it just a coincidence?
Currently, China faces a pandemic with large proportions, five cities in China with a population of 11 million inhabitants are quarantined, completely isolated from the rest of the world.



Coronavirus, the virus facing China has already killed 774 people so far, despite the government and other institutions’ efforts to quarantine entire cities, it seems that the virus has managed to spread beyond China’s borders.



The Black Death was the first outbreak of a plague pandemic (epidemic of exceptionally widespread use) that affected large parts of Western Europe and parts of Asia during the period 1346-1722.

1720 Plague Outbreak 2020 China2020 China …Coincidentally?


Virus 1820 Cholera Outbreak 20202 China

“The whole world must be on guard” to fight the coronavirus, the head of the World Health Organization’s health care program said.

Dr. Mike Ryan praised China’s response to the deadly outbreak, saying, “The challenge is great but the response has been massive.”

WHO will meet on Thursday to discuss whether the virus represents a global emergency.

The Chinese city of Wuhan is the episode of the outbreak.

But the virus has spread to China and to at least 16 countries globally, including Thailand, France, the United States, and Australia.

More than 130 people have died in China and nearly 6,000 have been infected.

Coronavirus. What’s happening?


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