12,000 Year-Old Underground Tunnels Still Connect Ancient Europe and Egypt

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For centuries, people have been captivated by the idea of a lost civilization hidden beneath the earth. Some believe that this lost civilization is responsible for the construction of massive underground tunnels that connect different parts of the world. Is it possible that these tunnels are evidence of an advanced and long-lost society? Or are they simply the work of nature? Join us as we explore the myths and legends surrounding these mysterious tunnels and try to answer some of the questions that have puzzled people for years.

What is the Boscarelli Tunnel?

Antonio Boscarelli was at work in 1881 on an excavation project in the Abusir region of Egypt. With over 100 feet of sand piled high, he would soon make a startling discovery when he stumbled upon a small opening to a secret underground tunnel. The roof was supported by thousands of large stone slabs. It was all formed perfectly so there were no doorways, save for one at the very end of the tunnel which lead to a massive underground chamber that was filled with debris. Inside the chamber, Boscarelli made an even more astonishing discovery when he found two small flint tools normally used by ancient Egyptian children. Did this mean that the ancient Egyptians had built this tunnel? Or was something more mysterious at work?

Antonio Boscarelli explored the secret underground tunnel he found in Abusir, Egypt. The Boscarelli Tunnel is not the only one of its kind.

Boscarelli’s discovery was just one of many stories about secret tunnels. Throughout history, there have been several other stories about secret tunnels connecting different parts of the world. The most famous underground tunnels are in central Scotland. These ‘Fairy’ or Pictish Holes are man-made holes that are spread out over a large area of land. Some underground tunnel systems stretch for miles and miles, while others are so obscure that they even seem to disappear from one side of a hill and reappear on the other.

Based on the number of tunnels that stretch for miles, most people believe that these ancient tunnels were built by an advanced society that had mastered the art of tunneling. Yet with no written history or any records, we can only assume what the purpose of these tunnels was. If they are all connected, could there be a lost civilization hidden deep within?

The Fairy Holes in central Scotland may have been built by an advanced society as tunnel systems that stretch for miles. These Scottish ‘Fairy’ or Pictish Holes seem to reach from one side of a hill to the other.

The Boscarelli Tunnel in Egypt is a perfect example of how a lost civilization can come with no written history. Who built this tunnel? Why did they build it? How did they manage to support the roof without using beams or nails? All we know is that someone had to have constructed these tunnels and that knowledge must have been passed down to the people of Egypt. By understanding how this sprawling network of tunnels was built, we can learn more about who constructed them and why they were made.

Do Giant Underground Tunnels Connect Ancient Europe And Egypt?

Back in 1871, an English engineer by the name of Robert Ballard claimed that there are many connections between Ancient Egypt and Europe. He was convinced that there were underground tunnels connecting both continents. These connections had to be man-made because the chasms and waterways needed to be navigable.

Robert Ballard’s 1871 sketch of a White Pyramid inside an underground tunnel between Europe and Egypt. The Boscarelli Tunnel and Fairy Holes in Scotland may have been built by this mysterious ancient society.

He believed that some of these connections were natural caverns or shallow waterways, while others had to have been man-made. Yet, where there are tunnels on the European side, it would be impossible to spot them on the Egyptian side without an aerial view. Then in 1881 Antonio Boscarelli discovered one of these possible connections when he stumbled upon a mysterious underground tunnel in the Egyptian desert.

A Giant Underground Tunnel Connecting Ancient Europe and Egypt?

All of these ancient civilizations have what appears to be a mysterious connection. The most intriguing of these connections is an ancient civilization that once lived beneath the earth in a secret subterranean world right between Europe and Africa. The Scottish Fairy Holes seem to stretch from one side of a hill to the other and some believe they link up with Egyptian tunnels.

One of Antonio Boscarelli’s glyphs. He believed that the ancient Egyptians built the giant tunnel systems he found in Abusir, Egypt.

The Celtic people, who occupied Europe from around 500 BC-AD 500, were also linked to an ancient civilization that was forced to live below the earth. They worshiped the sun and claimed their ancestors lived within the ‘hollow hills’ where they built a giant kingdom beneath the surface of the earth.

During much of this time, no real evidence could be found linking these civilizations together. The Orkney Islands are separated by the Viking channel that links the North Sea to the Atlantic. Yet on one of these oceanic islands, there are hundreds of ancient tunnels carved into solid bedrock.

Some believe that there is a missing connection between the Boscarelli Tunnel in Egypt and Scotland’s Fairy Holes.

Dr. Robert Ballard was convinced that the Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the most interesting monuments on Earth. There are many theories about how these massive pyramids were built. One idea is that they were created by levitation, where objects are suspended above the ground and moved into place with some kind of alien technology.

Now, there is a new theory that links Boscarelli’s tunnels in Egypt with Celtic myths about an ancient civilization that existed 12,000 years ago. This mysterious society is thought to have constructed the Fairy Holes of Scotland and is believed to be connected by more than just myth.

The Boscarelli tunnel was found in 1871.

It was once believed that Robert Ballard had discovered a natural underground cavern that runs from Scotland to the Mediterranean. The only way people thought this was possible is if there were some sorts of sacred geometry portal or Stargate built into the Great Pyramid, allowing a direct route between these two extremes.

There are many new discoveries coming to light about this ancient civilization beneath our feet. It is incredibly fascinating to see how the theories of yesteryear have been proven correct. What was once considered to be a myth or legend is now becoming a reality as we discover the truth behind places like the Boscarelli tunnel and Scotland’s Fairy Holes.


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